Being The Best: Practical Advice For Peace And Happiness - New Book Released

Posted by Jayaram V on 25th Nov 2014

Being The Best: Practical Advice For Peace And Happiness - New Book Released

Being the Book is our newly released book. The following is the Preface from the book which we are reproducing here.

This book is not about religion. It is not about the scriptures. It is about self-effort, keeping yourself motivated, taking responsibility for your life, and living with curiosity, an open mind, and appreciation to fulfill the simple purpose of your life, which is happiness here.

This is my second book on self-help, after my first one, Think Success, which was published a few years ago. This volume contains 58 essays on improving your physical and mental wellbeing by reaching your goals, overcoming your shortcomings, improving your relationships, solving your problems and finding peace and happiness in you and around you. These articles have no correlation with one another, even though sometimes they may deal with identical themes.

While writing them I did not think about putting them together into a book. I wrote them for the visitors to my websites. However, I did it with a clear purpose and tried to provide them with useful information and solutions, according to my knowledge, research, and understanding, to the commonest problems we face in today's world. Since people found them useful and inspiring, and according to the comments I received from them, I decided to put them together into a book and reach out to more people.

The purpose of this book is to awaken you to your potentials and possibilities with right information so that you can cultivate and sustain a proper frame of mind, when you need it most. It is not that you do not know the information or you have never read it before. However, you may not find all the information in one place when you need it. In this book I have presented a diverse range of ideas, in one place and the good thing is you do not have to read them all at once. You can read them according to your convenience.

Human life is such that the same problem can be resolved in various ways, according to the individuals and the circumstances involved. No one can say which one of them is the best. Sometimes the best solutions can fail, if those who use them do not understand the principles involved or do not have faith in them. You must believe in the solutions for the solutions to work. Further, any solution to any problem you want to resolve must suit the specific circumstances in which you live.

It means that you should either find your own solutions or customize the general solutions that you may find in the self-help books according to your specific needs. The essays presented in this collection provide you with several practical solutions to improve your thinking and problem solving ability. Hence, I am confident that you will find them useful.