Ebook The Secret Of The Ages By Robert Collier

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Available for immediate download! (This book is not for sale outside the USA since copyright laws vary from country to country). The Secret of the Ages should be rightfully called the original of "The Secret." If you want to know how to manifest abundance and success in your life, this book contains valuable information for you. Although the book was published in the 1920's it has a lot of relevant information. In 24 chapters loaded with useful information, the author presents the unique powers of the human mind dealing with such subjects as the Law of Attraction, the powers of the conscious mind, how to attract abundance and good health through the power of thought, belief and positive thinking, and how we can tap into the unlimited riches and powers of Universal Mind or the Mind Of God to realize our dreams and goals for success and fulfillment in our lives. Robert Collier's work provided inspiration and direction for a number of books that emerged later espousing similar themes. He quotes extensively from the Bible but does not sound preaching or advocating the religion. Those who are not familiar with the teachings of Christianity may still find the work useful, since most of the spiritual ideas presented in the book are also found in most of the religions. In the last volume of his work, he deals with the subject of healing and argues that we can overcome the problem of aging through our thinking instead of relying exclusively on drugs and that youth is a state of mind rather than a physical condition. The book was originally published in 1926 in seven small volumes, each containing a few chapters. In this electronic version we are bringing to you all the seven volumes. This is an EBook created in downloadable Pdf format. Pages 144. Dimensions:8.5" and 11".

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