Essays on the Bhagavadgita

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Book Description The Bhagavadgita is one of the most sacred books of Hindus and contains profound philosophy reflecting the depth and breadth of Hinduism as no other scripture. It is meant for the devotees and servants of God, who are inclined to practice religious duty, selfless service and virtuous living. The scripture suggests various ways in which you can face challenges and difficult situations in your life, without running away from the world or abandoning your duties and obligations. It gives you hope and courage to deal with your sorrow and suffering in critical situations. In this collection of essays, you will find a critical analysis of the philosophy of the Bhagavadgita and its relevance to human life. You will understand the true meaning of yoga in the context of the teachings of Lord Krishna and the importance of various yogas suggested by Him for our liberation.

Special Features: This book will increase your understanding of the Bhagavadgita immensely and help you in the practice of its teachings. You will understand the meaning and importance of the various concepts, such as bhakti, karma and dharma as never before and their relevance to your life. These essays will enhance your knowledge and understanding of the essential practices and principles of Hinduism. 

An Excerpt From the Book: The Bhagavadgita portrays in many ways the core beliefs and practices of Hinduism. It reflects its universality and the ideal vision of God as the center and circumference of all creation. If Hinduism is a way of life, the Bhagavadgita suggests how to live it. Its principles and doctrines are not easy to practice. They challenge to the core your resolve and commitment to follow a disciplined and virtuous life that guarantees freedom and bliss. Its message simple, sacrifice your desires; but it is very difficult to practice because desires manifest numerously in our consciousness and we are not always aware of them. It exhorts those who are thirsty of knowledge to live selflessly and virtuously with faith, knowledge, wisdom, devotion, surrender, and detachment, and perform their duties dispassionately as an offering to God. This is in contrast to the egocentric worldly life, with which we are familiar and in which we pursue our desires rather selfishly as part of our conditioning and self-promotion. The Bhagavadgita tells us how to attain peace and stability, instead of strife and suffering, and live freely and fearlessly, without striving and without searching for happiness in worldly things and without suffering from the attraction or aversion to the pairs of opposites. The book is a discourse of immense spiritual value. It inspires those who are engaged in their daily battles and who want permanent solutions, like Arjuna himself, to resolve their problems and overcome their limitations, without ignoring their duties and responsibilities and without compromising their core values and beliefs. - Jayaram V

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